Oil Bearing, impacted communities oppose governors demand for more allocations

Governors of oil producing states are facing a strong opposition from people of oil and gas bearing and impacted communities in their demands for more funds from oil.

This is because of lack of accountability in the management of the thirteen percent derivation fund that is currently being enjoyed by oil bearing states.

A traditional ruler of the Kalabari ethnic nationality in Rivers State, High Chief Anabs Sara-Igbe complained that most oil and gas bearing and impacted communities have nothing to show for the thirteen percent derivation fund.

High Chief Sara-Igbe said some of the communities are very poor and backward, and those who live there do not have access to drinkable water, hospital, electricity, and schools.

The Kalabrai Chief also highlighted the problem of unemployment, and lack of modern transportation facilities, such as jetties and roads.

High Chief Anabs Sara-Igbe wandered why the state governors would be asking for more allocations on behalf of oil and gas bearing and impacted communities.

High Chief Anabs Sara-Igbe said his people are opposed to having state governors involved in the administration of the new Petroleum Industry Act.


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