Gidi Runz Show

Programme Brief:

A public enlightenment programme that aims to educate, entertain and enlighten the people. The first part of the show promotes the Unique Nigeria local dialect and the second part focuses on women related issues in a nonjudgmental way that allows women to talk openly and honestly even on the most sensitive issues.



Represent your culture (2:00pm – 3:00pm)

A highly engaging element that promotes the diverse Nigeria dialect. The presenter gives out a wise saying or word in English and listeners are expected to call in and translate it in their local dialect. The show runs on air everyday Monday – Friday from. Traditional tunes are also played during the segment.


Debate Arena (2:00pm – 3:00pm)

This is a public enlightenment programme that involves two celebrities debating on a particular topic of discussion. One is either for and the other against. The segment comes up every Wednesday on the Gidi Runz Show.


Spin or Stop (3:00p – 4:00pm)

A music show where songs from upcoming artists are sampled and the listeners are made to constructively criticize the song by saying which of the songs deserve to be spinned and which deserve to be stopped. This segment runs from every Tuesday.


Rewind and Sing (3:00p – 4:00pm)

This is a fun and entertaining segment that gives the listener an opportunity to sing their favourite songs on air. This segment runs on Monday and Thursdays.


Igbokwe (3:00pm -4:00pm)

The is a segment that teaches morals and promotes the rich cultural values of the Igbos. It is presented in Igbo language.


Gidi Salon (4:00pm – 6:00pm)

A talk show segment that addresses issues relating to women in the workplace, family life and relationship. This segment starts with  30 minutes of music airplay by different female artists and thereafter, the topic of the day is being discussed. This segment runs every day Monday – Friday.


Inside Naija (5:30 – 6:00pm)

A public enlightenment programme that exposes listeners to weird cultures and traditions in Africa and also spots for tourism in Nigeria and Africa. This segment comes up every Tuesday.

Event Timeslots (5)

Abigail Gogo & Princess Uvbi

Abigail Gogo & Princess Uvbi

Abigail Gogo & Princess Uvbi

Abigail Gogo & Princess Uvbi

Abigail Gogo & Princess Uvbi


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