Tinu Tode

Programme Brief

This is a 4hours show designed to motivate, educate as well as entertain the people. The show is broken down into 3 segments;


Ojumo Ire (5:00am – 6:00am)

Ojumo Ire which means good morning in yoruba is an hour programme that aims to ease listeners into the day with weather forecast, historical happenings and motivational talk.


Agidigbo (6:00am – 7:00am)

This is a yoruba political programme where the anchor focuses on an issue in the news and uses sarcasm to deliver the points. The segment aims to teach morals, cultures and a good way of life.


Faaji Nsan (7:30am -9:00am)

This is a segment where a particular family issue is presented in a dramatic form (playlet) by a supposed husband and wife. After acting, calls are then accepted from listeners who usually call to express their opinion on the issue dramatized. The segment at intervals plays classical tungba sounds such as fuji, juju, apala and high life.


Football Parole (9:00am – 10:00am)

This is a one-hour sport show that gives a detailed analysis of the game.


Event Timeslots (1)

Baba Omi & Alimat (Arike Okin)


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